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Email, Twitter, forums, Facebook, are all hard to use.

Links to get started:

It's not their fault, really it's not. It's just that to have a reasonable discussion, with branches, exchanges, and any kind of nuance, the structures just don't work. It's not what they're designed for.

In email, for example, top-posting has won. So people quote the entire email and put their response at the top. So they say ... "I quite agree."

With what? What do they agree with? There were seven different points in this email ... do you agree with all of them? If not, then which ones?

Or Facebook and Twitter, where the algorithms choose what you see, and reorder things, or hide things, without any indication of having done so.

For actual discussions, they are simply not fit for purpose.

So DiscDAG fixes that. You have nodes with comments, and people can reply to individual nodes, or entire threads, or even multiple threads all at once.

Here at right is an example. The different threads are easy to follow, you can ask one thought to be expanded or explained, and all-in-all, the discussion can be branching, nuanced, and detailed. And yes, I have more complex example.

There's more, but you need to play with it. You can ask to see just the comments that are newer than a particular node, you can ask to see the nodes in strict time order, and more.

Have a look, and then ask for a login and I'd be happy to help.

-- Colin, DiscDAG@solipsys.co.uk